Why choose Wellin5 for your student benefits plan?

The Wellin5 online counselling platform stands out as a secure, healthcare compliant and remotely accessible solution, which provides dramatic results for students.   

Wellin5 Offers:

💫 Fast, accessible and secure services:

From a parked car, on a lunch break or late at night after studying, students can easily access secure, confidential online counselling on 📲 mobile or 💻 desktop, where they are most comfortable.  

✅ Direct Scheduling:

Students can access help that is affordable and direct. Sign up takes less than 30 seconds and scheduling occurs directly between counsellor and students. Counselling which would normally take several weeks or months, is booked in less than 1-2 business days and is free of waiting time and driving time. 

🙌Affordable Counselling & Self-Pay Options:

We will meet or exceed your current per session rate or provide a rate that is competitive in the industry. Students also have the option to self-pay at any time - whether they require further sessions upon completing sessions included in their benefits plan or if they need to return at a later time to meet with their counsellor again. 

🏃‍♂️🚶‍♂️Preventative Care:

Wellin5 does not provide any diagnoses, treatment, prescription or any other medical advice. We simply facilitate a secure connection between students and counsellors offering preventative mental health counselling for mild-to-moderate levels of depression, stress, and anxiety.

🔑 Relevant Topic Areas:

Students commonly struggle with stress, anxiety and depression - this is our specialty. But these are just 3 of our list of topics, our counsellors cover a wide range of issues, from digital addictions (social media, gambling) to life transitions.

🍏🍍🍉Variety of Counselling Formats:

We offer video counselling, with email and text chat therapy coming soon. Each format has unique qualities which work for unique students needs.


❗️Crisis Resources:

If students present with more severe symptoms, students and counsellors have access to crisis resources.  Counsellors may refer students to alternative expertise for more all-encompassing support, or a student may continue with their current counsellor where appropriate. 

📘Multilingual Counsellors:

Our counsellors speak multiple languages with our range of languages expanding as we grow our counsellor network.

Our counsellors currently cover: 

- American Sign Language
- Cantonese
- French
- Hindi
- Punjabi
- Urdu 

+ more to come!

👩🏽‍🦱 👨‍🦱 Highly Qualified Counsellors:

Our team of counsellors must undergo an in-depth screening process prior to joining our team. As a result of our high standard of qualifications, all Wellin5 counselling services qualify for insurance and tax deduction reimbursements* (*where covered).

Each counsellor must possess:

- Masters or PhD
- Minimum 5-10 years experience
- Provincially licensed
- Cyber liability insurance
- Good Standing with governing body


🔆 Want to learn more?

Here are some of our client stories: 

“My Wellin5 counsellor is awesome and really helpful, she is so wise and gives me a voice of reason as I find my way through what I’m working on. I’m grateful.” -Wellin5 Client

“I liked being at home. I think it was a good match for me and my counsellor. She was quick and helpful with affirming good things that I was seeing and good at giving me a new perspective on something. I think it is a very good model, it has a level of comfort that is better than getting into a car on a busy day and using more time and also more energy and focus to get used to an office environment. I could also take notes while the counsellor was sharing ideas and that helps me to remember.” - Herzi

“Overall, I really enjoyed the Wellin5 program, having the option to be in the comfort of your own home and be able to talk to a professional made it more inviting. In the past, I have experienced going to the office and sometimes to their homes. I found that being in my own home, I didn’t have to worry about driving, fighting traffic or just feeling drained after a session.  Overall, I was very pleased and would recommend Wellin5!!” -Shannon

Read more testimonials here

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How do students get started on the Wellin5 platform? 

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