Who will be my counsellor?

The Clinical Research 

At Wellin5 our focus is to remove as many barriers as possible that could limit people from accessing much needed mental health support. Over time, our clinical research has demonstrated that matching clients removes a barrier to accessing counselling by taking the guess work out of meeting with a highly qualified counsellor.

Our clinical team developed a matchmaking algorithm to match our clients with a counsellor based on 3 simple variables: immediate client concerns, counsellor preferences and counsellor availability. 

Our Matchmaking System 

Our matchmaking algorithm takes the decision making out of your counselling experience and sets you up with the best fit for you:

You are matched to your counsellor based on:
  • Your immediate concerns. πŸ–


  • Your counsellor preferences. πŸ‘€


  • Your counsellor's availability - so you can access counselling quickly. πŸ“†


Your Counsellor's Qualifications

All Wellin5-verified counsellors must possess the following qualifications:

  • Minimum 5-10 years experience

  • Masters or PhD

  • Cyber-counselling training

  • Counselling license  

  • Cyber-liability insurance

  • Criminal background check

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Our counsellors have the unique opportunity to support clients across Canada in a variety of topic areas. From depression to grief and loss, we have trained our therapists to give you the best service possible. 


πŸ”† Some words from our counselling team: 

Wellin5 takes seriously its mission to serve those in need in a professional and caring manner.

✨Andrew Nussey, MC, CCC, Wellin5 Certified


I'm very passionate about client care and it is important to me that every client receives the maximum help they can within their session time limit. I find the Wellin5 platform to be efficient, predictable, and effective.

✨ Mindy Kollman, MC, RCC, Wellin5 Certified


It has been a pleasure to work with a wellness company that demonstrably cares about the wellbeing of the clients foremost. The Wellin5 platform is streamlined and user-friendly. It has been a fantastic tool for providing counselling, especially for people who may have been too busy or intimidated to come in person. I would highly recommend the service to any of my clients.

✨Tamara Knott, MC, RCC, Wellin5 Certified


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