Wellin5 Pricing / How much does a session cost?


Wellin5 Online Counselling Pricing is Pay-Per-Session

We provide:

  • Individual video counselling sessions
    • 30 minute sessions
    • 60 minutes sessions

  • Couples counselling sessions
    • 60 minute sessions only 

Purchase one session or multiple sessions at a time.

Payment method: Wellin5 accepts all major credit cards

We are currently offering COVID-19 pricing:

Individual sessions: 60 minutes = $68 (reg. $89)  OR  30 minutes = $34 (reg. $49)

Couples counselling sessions: 60 minutes = $78 (reg. $109)

*All prices are in Canadian dollars (CDN)

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Please note: Current market rates for counselling in Canada in 2019 is $120 - $180* per 50min - 1 hour session. 

*as per BCACC Pricing Guidelines, 2019


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