What if I am not satisfied with my counsellor?

We understand if you are not satisfied with your counsellor, please feel free to reach out to our friendly Support team if you are considering changing counsellors: contact@wellin5.ca

Sometimes clients need to change counsellors for the following reasons:

  • I've tried a few sessions and I'm still not feeling a good connection with my counsellor.

  • I need to address a different topic area and my counsellor is suggesting I try a counsellor who is specialized in this new area. *Our counselling team is free to refer you to another counsellor if they this is appropriate for you.

We understand that a good trust-based foundation is important for you to experience progress and healing. Sometimes this foundations takes time to build and we recommend patiently trying first and communicating your needs before changing quickly. 

How do we maintain quality counselling on our platform? 

Our team is vetted and screened by our Clinical team in order to join Wellin5. While our counsellors work with clients on the Wellin5 platform, we provide ongoing support and training from our Clinical team with our Clinical Advisor reviewing and maintaining quality assurance on a regular basis. Counsellors are encouraged to communicate with our Clinical Advisor regarding any client concerns.

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