What information do I use for an insurance reimbursement?

✅ Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider:

  1. What type of counselling does your insurance cover? Every plan is different and some cover registered social workers, counsellors or psychologists/psychiatrists.
  2. What is the total number of sessions or number of clinical minutes covered? Some plans may only cover up to 5 clinical hours for example. 
  3. What is the total amount of coverage? Find out how much coverage your have in dollars to check how many sessions you can have covered before self-pay. 
📩 You can also contact us directly by email at contact@wellin5.com


✅ We provide you with a clinical receipt for reimbursement, here's how it works.

The 'Wellin5 Clinical Insurance Receipt' is sent to you by email after each online counselling session.

Included in the receipt is all of the information required to submit your Wellin5 counselling for your reimbursement/tax deduction including: 

  • Your counsellor's information: Full name, credentials, license number, address and phone number 
  • Your information: Full name and email address
  • Invoice number and date of your session 
  • Date and length of your session (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
  • The amount paid and any tax paid 
  • A 'Paid' stamp indicating the session was paid

Please save your Wellin5 Clinical Insurance Receipt by right clicking 'print' and 'save as a pdf' to print or to submit electronically to your insurance provider or employee benefits provider.


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