Filing a claim with your insurance provider

Do you need to file an Extended Health Claim with your insurance provider?

We've put together a list of Extended Health Claim forms by provider below.

Please note, these forms were compiled by our Client Support team at Wellin5 but may not be the correct form depending on your specific plan with your provider. 

Please double-check with your insurance provider before submitting one of the following forms.


Sunlife website

📞 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433)

⬇️ Download Sunlife Extended Health Care Claim Form (EHC-E)


Manulife website 

📞  1-800-268-6195

⬇️ Download Manulife Group Benefits Extended Health Care Claim Form (GL3585E)


Pacific Blue Cross:

Pacific Blue Cross website

📞 1 877 PAC-BLUE (1 877 722-2583)

⬇️ Download Pacific Blue Cross Extended Health Care Standard Claim Form

Green Shield:

Green Shield website

📞 Contact Form

⬇️ Download Green Shield General Claim Submission Form 

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