6: How to view/edit your profile

View Your Profile

1. Login to your dashboard, and click 'View Profile' on the top right corner of your homepage where you see your profile picture.

2. On your profile tab, you’ll see your mini dashboard with your image and the dollar amount indicating your revenue share from any sessions you've provided.


Update Your Profile Summary

1. Edit Your Profile

If you want to update your photo or change your personal information, simply click 'Edit Profile' and click 'Change Picture' or drop a photo by dragging it.

2. Edit Your Profile Summary

As you continue to scroll down, you can add more or cut as much as you like on your Professional Summary. Then check off any other specialties that apply to you. And click 'Update Changes'.


3. Update Your Password

If you want to update your password, or change your password, simply click 'Update Password'.


4. Edit Your Credentials

To the right of your profile box is your Credentials.

  • To add more therapeutic approaches, simply click 'Edit Credentials'.

  • Add any additional approaches and then click 'Update Changes'.


Please note: To change your email address and phone number, please reach out to us at contact@wellin5.com.

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