Lesson 5 - Scheduling Session Requests

Currently Wellin5 uses a request system to schedule sessions. You will be able to enter your availability soon (feature coming soon!).

Learn how to approve, reschedule and cancel a session request by watching our video tutorial or read through the instructions below: 

To approve a video session: 

1. Click on the 'Reschedule' button beside your client's name

2. Double-check that you can meet with your client at the requested date and time.

3. Select 'Approve'

3. Your session confirmation will be sent to your client immediately and your client will be notified with an email notification. 


To reschedule a video session: 

1. Click on the 'Reschedule' button and select 'Reschedule'

2. Provide a reason for your reschedule i.e. This date and time don't work with my schedule.

3. Select 3 alternate date/time options to offer your client by clicking the arrow to the right of each option.

4. Click 'Confirm' 

5. Your alternate options will be sent to your client by email. If one of these options works for your client's schedule, they will confirm that specific date/time and you will receive an email notification confirming your session. 

6. If your options do not work for your client, your client can suggest other availability. 

7. In this case, you will receive an email notification and you will be able to provide additional date and time options. 


How many times will I usually reschedule with my client? 

Normally your client will confirm after your first reschedule options are provided. 



❗️To cancel a session: 

When do counsellor cancellations normally occur?

A counsellor would only cancel a session request for one of the following reasons: 

  1. You find that there is a 'conflict of interest' with meeting with this particular client. 

  2. You find that you cannot meet with your client for a clinical reason. 

If you need to cancel a session, please contact our Clinical team right away at clinical@wellin5.com.


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