5: How do you receive notifications?

The Wellin5 platform currently communicates with counsellors and clients via email.

When will I receive email notifications?💁🏻‍♂️

  • When a client requests a session at a specific date and time

  • If there is any session requests, rescheduling requests or cancellations

What do I do when I receive a session request email notification? 📩

  1. Login at wellin5.ca

  2. Find the requested session in your upcoming appointment list

  3. Date and time work with your schedule? Click 'Approve'

  4. Need to reschedule? Click 'Reschedule' and provide 3 date/time options to your client.

  5. If you reschedule, your client will either confirm or provide additional date/time options to you.

Finding that you're rescheduling often with a client? ↔️

Need to reschedule last minute or pass on a message to a client? 🕐

Please reach out to our Client Services team via our helpchat on wellin5.ca or email at contact@wellin5.com. Let us know that your request and our team would be happy to help you.



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