How do I use Email Therapy? (For EAP Clients Only)

  1. Log in

  2. Click on Email on the left menu.

  3. Click the blue compose button in the top right corner.

  4. Select the topic and choose a therapist on the next step by clicking on their picture. (Please make sure to click on where it says “Choose Me”.)

  5. If the therapist you prefer does not show according to the topic you have selected, this therapist may not specialize in the topic area. Find the counsellor you prefer and make sure that they specialize in the topic you are selecting. 

  6. Once you click on choose counsellor, it will take you to the compose window, where you can write your message and once completed, click send at bottom right. Then wait on the therapist to respond back. 

Typically counsellors take 24-48 hrs to respond to email messages. 

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