The what and how of your professional summary

What should your professional summary say?


Your professional summary should include:

A warm greeting:
i.e.  'Hi there! My name is Stacey, I'm looking forward to walking with you in your life journey.'

The counselling experience you provide:
i.e. 'I provide an inviting, safe environment with a respectful and non-judgmental approach.'

What topic areas you normally specialize in:

i.e. I work with my clients to address issues of depression, grief and loneliness. 

 What your therapeutic goals are for your clients:

i.e. 'I genuinely care about your well being and will offer encouragement, listening and guidance to help you respect, trust and love yourself.'


🌠Here are some awesome examples to inspire you: 

Hi, my name is Inger Frombach! I am a clinical counsellor who has been helping individuals deal with the inevitable challenges of life for over twenty years. I have a Master’s degree in clinical counselling and foundational training in cognitive-behavioural therapy, bereavement counselling, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy and somatic psychotherapy. I also have extensive additional training in trauma recovery, Hakomi, equine guided counselling, reiki, Shamanic healing practices, mindfulness based stress reduction and trauma recovery.

I work collaboratively and holistically with clients to help them achieve positive personal growth and psychological wellbeing. I consider it a great honour to work with individuals to manage the stresses of life and release the wounds of the past in order to increase authenticity, engagement, meaning and life satisfaction.

My greatest joy is my two amazing, kind, wise children, a loving family just dysfunctional enough to be interesting and deep connections with true friends. I loves forest bathing, wisdom traditions, camping and poetry and have a radical fondness for nature and horses.

- Inger Frombach, MA, RCC,  Wellin5 Certified Counsellor

✏️ How can I update my professional summary?

To update your professional summary, simply click on your profile photo at the top right of your dashboard.

When you are in your profile, click the edit ✏️ icon in the right corner of your professional summary to update your summary. Character limit: 750 characters.

Save your updated professional summary. 

⌨️ Quick Tips:

➡️ Be personable - always use first person (My name is…I am…)

➡️ Review, edit, spell check.

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