Are Wellin5 services reimbursable with my employee benefits plan?

Wellin5 video counselling services are covered under most insurance plans.


Please check with your provider to confirm if video counselling is covered under your policy. 


πŸ“More Information:

Wellin5 Counsellor Qualifications

πŸ‘‰ Every Wellin5 counsellor must possess:

  • a Masters degree or PhD
  • at least 5-10 years experience (post -Masters degree)
  • a license to provide counselling services, and
  • liability insurance.

Where are Wellin5 Counsellors Located?

  • Our Wellin5 counsellors are located across Canada
  • If you need to be matched with a counsellor in your province of residence, please reach out to our client services team at



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