Are Wellin5 services deductible in my Canadian personal income tax filing?

Is Wellin5 online counselling tax deductible?

According to Revenue Canada, you may be able to use any Wellin5 receipt for video therapy, that has not already been reimbursed by an employee benefits health plan, to receive deductions on your personal taxes. 
We recommend speaking with a qualified CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to find out if you are eligible to file for reimbursement for your services with Wellin5.  


If you qualify for tax deductions for counselling services, Wellin5 services may be included in your tax return as our services normally qualify for insurance/benefits reimbursements.


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All Wellin5 Counsellors possess:

  • a Masters degree or PhD
  • at least 5-10 years experience (post -Masters degree)
  • a license to provide counselling services, and
  • liability insurance.

πŸ‘‰Wellin5 Counsellors are located across Canada.

If you need to be matched with a counsellor that is located in your province of residence, please reach out to our client services team at


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